Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Our Dad

From Jackson, Brady & Carter Man.

We love you so much. You make us happy and you make Mommy happy - so that makes you Super Cool. We want to wish you a happy Father's Day!

Here's the proof that we know you really, really, REALLY well. Mommy asked us these questions... Behold - Our Answers!

1. Where was Daddy born?
Jackson: Raleigh
Brady: Hospital

2. How old is Daddy?
Jackson: 69
Brady: 69

3. How much does Daddy weigh?
Jackson: 30 lbs.
Brady: 40 times

4. How tall is daddy?
Jackson: 69 feet
Brady: 49 feet

5. What is Daddy's bedtime?
Jackson: 8:30
Brady: At 8 o'clock

6. What is Daddy's favorite show?
Jackson: Baseball
Brady: Baseball

7. What is Daddy's favorite food?
Jackson: Hamburgers and Hot dogs
Brady: Sandwich & Cucumbers

8. What is Daddy's favorite drink?
Jackson: Special Water
Brady: I can't tell you. err. I can tell you about he likes apple juice.

9. What is Daddy's favorite sport?
Jackson: Baseball
Brady: Sport Baseball

10. What is Daddy's favorite treat?
Jackson: A kiss
Brady: Apple juice

11. What is Daddy's favorite kids show on tv?
Jackson: Ben 10 Alien Force
Brady: Restaurants. And Land Before Time

12. What is Daddy's favorite way for the kids hair to be styled?
Jackson: Flat
Brady: Uh. Pants

13. What are Daddy's chores?
Jackson: Run around the house and make up his bed and play with children
Brady: Night Night

14. What does Daddy do at work?
Jackson: Make money
Brady: Drink apple juice

15. Who is Daddy's best friend?
Jackson: Ryan Fisher (*note from Mommy: Ryan, if you're out there, please know that daddy would love to meet you. One day, my friend.)
Brady: A.J. uh Owen's Dad

16. What is Daddy's favorite color?
Jackson: Green
Brady: Green... or orange or white and blue

17. What is Daddy's favorite game to play with the kids?
Jackson: Building bionicles and crashing bionicles
Brady: Play with apple juice

18. Why do you love Daddy?
Jackson: Because he gives me drinks when I want drinks
Brady: Because I like him a lot (*Mommy: but why?) I love him a lot. (*Mommy: but why do you love him a lot?) Because I like him. A lot.

I kinda like you a lot too. And love you. A lot. Why? Because I like you. A lot. Happy Father's Day, babe.
Love, Leah


Susan Hancock said...

Happy Fathers Day Rodney! You are a fabulous daddy, and that also makes you a great husband too- I sure am glad that Leah found such a wonderful man.

Leah, I love Carter's little face peering over the edge of the table! The boys are so brown.

Love you.

Wendi said...

Oh Rodney has already learned the "secret"...When Mama is happy, everybody is happy.
Smart boy.
Love this little Q & A session.
Happy Father's Day Rodney!

Nika said...

Those answers from the boys are so funny! What a good idea.

nelsonjeneen said...

That was such a cute question and answer session with the boys. I want to try it when our kids get older.

Suzanne said...

Too cute! I think Brady was definitely wanting some apple juice since many of his answers were about apple juice...wouldn't Rodney just love to drink apple juice all day at work??!

Dana H Gillikin said...

Leah, I love to read your blog and this one was especially great. The kids answers were so funny.

Lindsay said...

Aw, so sweet! Those answers are great! I bet Rodney absolutely loved it!